Why Apple is giving Hulu and other developers special access to App Store API

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To strengthen the App Store and to make it more competitive, Apple has offered special API access to several developers, including Hulu. This API access allows developers to create better app experiences and push the boundaries of what is possible for app design.

By granting API access, Apple is looking to create an improved user experience and improve the App Store. This article will explore why Apple offered this special access and what it means for the App Store.

Overview of Apple App Store

Apple’s App Store is an online marketplace for mobile iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch applications. Developers can showcase their apps and distribute them through the App Store and obtain support from Apple’s Developer Technical Support team. Users can browse and buy free and paid apps from the App Store using their Apple ID. Apps can be categorized according to different criteria, such as price range, top paid or free apps, age rating, device compatibility (iOS or Mac), local availability (in certain countries) and more. The App Store allows developers to create innovative applications that users around the world can easily access.

Recently, however, Apple announced they were providing special access to their App Store API to a handful of developers such as Hulu to create faster loading apps and customized experiences on the platform. This decision was seen by many as reinforcing Apple’s monopoly of app store dominance in terms of offering exclusive access to services or customers over alternative platforms. In addition, through this move, they could give power differentials between small independent developers who did not have access to these resources compared to large companies such as Hulu who had negotiated terms directly with Apple for special access privileges.

What is App Store API?

App Store API is a set of tools Apple provides that allows developers to build applications that interact with Apple’s App Store. This API allows developers to automate the process of submitting and managing their apps and provide users with access to in-app purchases.

Apple recently announced that it has offered special access to its App Store API to Hulu and other developers, and this article will look into why they have done so.

Definition of App Store API

The App Store API, or application programming interface, is a set of protocols and tools Apple provides for its software development kits (SDKs). It allows third-party apps to interact with Apple’s App Store to access certain features or services. Apple also provides APIs for developers to access system services such as user authentication, iCloud synchronization and in app purchases.

In April 2020, Apple sparked media attention when it announced an App Stores API functionality expansion. The tech giant offered special access to specific third-party companies like Hulu, allowing them certain privileges that other developers don’t have. For example, this included allowing users to log in with their existing accounts across multiple apps, customize app store home page based on viewing behaviors and receive personalized notifications related to the content they watch from third-party providers like Hulu.

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This special app store API access has been met with some criticism due to potential unfair treatments towards developers who do not have access. However some may argue that this privilege will lead to improved user experiences through personalized content recommendations across multiple applications and further generate revenue for content creators by connecting them with their viewers more efficiently outside of established methods like iTunes rentals or Amazon Prime memberships. Regardless, Apple’s decision has left many developers wondering how their use of the App Store API can benefit them in comparison.

Benefits of App Store API

The App Store API allows developers to securely connect their apps and services to the App Store. This technology facilitates a wide range of tasks, from searching for keywords within an app’s description, to managing orders, displaying pricing information, downloading promotional materials and more. By integrating with the App Store API, developers can significantly enhance their app’s reach and usage by leveraging its services to meet their needs.

The App Store API provides developers with features such as:

  • Advanced search capabilities, offering enhanced accuracy and precision in retrieving relevant results
  • Full control over order bookings and cancellations
  • Customization of pricing information
  • Downloading capabilities for downloadable content and promotional materials
  • Self service platform allowing customers to manage their accounts
  • Automated system that constantly updates relevant app metadata within the store

In addition to these general benefits of access to the App Store API, Apple recently offered selective developers special streaming service access that allows them greater control over how they stream content on Apple platforms via its new tvOS. Hulu was among a handful of developers who have been granted this access.

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This advanced level of access theoretically should be a major game changer for them in terms of overall viewership on Apple platforms and beyond. Such special access is incredibly helpful for companies like Hulu and other streaming websites. It provides considerable competitive advantages regarding user engagement for these services compared to competitors whose viewership may remain relatively unaffected by such exclusive partnerships with Apple.

Apple Offered Special App Store API Access to Hulu and Other Developers

Apple recently announced that it had offered special access to the App Store API to Hulu and other developers. This move by Apple has been seen as a way to enhance the user experience of their products and gain a foothold in the streaming video market.

In this article, we will discuss the details of Apple’s decision, its advantages and disadvantages, and what it could mean for the future of the App Store.

Reasons for the Offer

Apple offers special access to their App Store API (Application Programming Interface) to selected developers, like Hulu, to cultivate and incentivize the growth of its digital content offerings. This helps Apple create a strong base of content offerings and promote long-term engagement with app developers. In addition, the special access is meant to give Hulu and other developers a competitive advantage in providing users with compelling content.

Apple might offer preferential access to the App Store API to ensure that certain features are available only through approved applications. For example, exclusive content may be made available through apps with special access from Apple to make the user experience more interesting and engaging. Additionally, these developers may be given additional support from Apple in working with their partners and managing the app ecosystem. They may even receive lower fees for transactions completed on the App Store.

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By offering special privileges like these to leading developers like Hulu, Apple can also leverage their technology network and maximize their earnings potential from successful apps. Another benefit is that it provides a unique opportunity for highly skilled developers who are passionate about creating innovative experiences for customers on mobile devices. This helps boost customer loyalty and increased exposure for Apple’s products.

Given these advantages, it makes sense why Apple has chosen Hulu and other leading app creators for its App Store API program – it helps create an engaging ecosystem of digital media services while increasing profits simultaneously.

Impact of the Offer

This news of Apple offering special App Store API access to Hulu and other developers has caused a stir in the tech industry. The move could signal a greater emphasis on media services for Apple, as it seeks to diversify its revenue stream.

Giving this access to Hulu and other developers marks an unprecedented level of cooperation and partnership between Apple and the app development world. It could also represent an opportunity for developers to create features not currently available in the App Store, such as in-app subscriptions and promotions.

In addition, this offer could significantly impact how users watch content on their iOS devices. This improved user experience and new types of content may help drive increased usage across different kinds of apps. With more frequent use of iOS apps, consumers will likely use their device more frequently to stay connected with their friends and family and stay updated on current events or entertainment options.

This offer could have long-term implications on how Apple seeks out partnerships with major media organizations such as Hulu, Netflix, or Disney, who were early adopters of this move by Apple. In addition, these partnerships could represent how Apple integrates its platform into larger media offerings from traditional media organizations. As such, subscribers may gain access to content that is typically unavailable through regular streaming channels such as HBO or Amazon Prime Video.

We can expect successful implementations of these special offers shortly that will revolutionize user experiences within certain apps and lead to new profit models for developers who take advantage of app store API access offered by Apple.


In conclusion, Apple’s decision to offer special App Store API access to Hulu and other developers provides a great opportunity for developers to build and distribute apps for the App Store. It also allows developers to make more money from their apps and create more customized experiences for their users.

Moreover, by giving developers this access, Apple can control the content offered in the App Store. So, Apple’s move can be seen as a win-win situation for all parties involved.