What Causes Pimples

When kids are growing up, the teenage years are often thought of as the most difficult. A teenager is no longer a small kid, but they are not an adult yet either. The challenges that are faced during the teenage years can be daunting. 

On top of all of the psychological changes that occur, there are many physical changes that teenagers have to deal with. The body of a teenager is affected by the raging hormones and other factors that add to the challenges that have to be faced.

One of the changes that can affect teenagers is breakouts of pimples. This is also known as acne, and teenagers are always looking for a way to keep their skin looking perfect. They will go searching for the answer to the question: what causes pimples, but the answers are never very clear. People cannot seem to agree on the causes of acne breakouts and there are many myths that are routinely spread that cause teenagers to do some very drastic things.

The Medical Definition

What Causes Pimples

Pimples are a result of the oils that occur naturally in the skin. The oil is usually secreted through the pores of the skin. When an individual washes their skin they are able to remove the excess oil. At times the hair follicles that secrete the oils will become clogged. When this happens, the oil builds up in the pores. The oil will facilitate the growth of bacteria and that develops into a pimple.

Facts and Fiction about Pimples

Researchers have been working for a long time to figure out what causes pimples.  Despite all of the research, people have managed to come up with their own theories about how pimples are caused. While some of the facts that people spread have some truth to them, they also are often not based on the real facts.

The food that people eat will have an impact on the amount of breakouts that they have. Some people will say that if you do not want to deal with pimples, you have to avoid fried or fatty foods, sugar-filled sodas and most of all chocolate. The evidence has not shown that avoiding these foods will prevent pimples from forming. There is no specific food that people can say are what causes pimples on the face. It is possible that those types of foods may not be the cause of breakouts, avoiding them does offer some benefits. Those foods do not contain many of the vitamins and other nutrients that a healthy diet needs. If you replace these foods with fruits and vegetables, your body will be healthier and that can help control the amount of pimples that you face.

Parents will tell their kids that the reason that they have pimples is because they do not wash their face enough. This is only partially true. Dirt can be one of the reasons that pores become clogged, but it is not necessary for a teenager to wash their face over and over.  For most teenagers, washing their face twice a day is ample. It will keep the skin clean and will help prevent any pimples from being formed.

The teenage years are the time when many young girls first start wearing makeup.When you talk about what causes pimples the makeup that is used will often take a lot of the blame. There are some makeups that can clog the pores. A teenager needs to look for cosmetic products that are designed to keep the pores open and are not going to cause acne. There are also cosmetic products that can help treat any acne breakouts that have already occurred.

Ways to get Rid of Pimples

A teenager who hears that a good suntan will help prevent pimples might want to grab their bathing suit and head to the beach. The only problem is that this will probably not help them. The suntan might temporarily conceal the pimples but they do not make them go away. Sun tanning can actually irritate the skin and lead to more problems than it helps resolve. There is also the use of suntan lotion to consider. Like other cosmetic products, sunscreen can cause the pores of the skin to become clogged which will lead to breakouts.  There are sunscreens that are considered to be nonacnegenic and that do not clog the pores. These are the ones that need to be used to help prevent acne breakouts.

Teenagers are going through a stressful stage of their life. They are dealing with the changes in their body, the need to gain more control of the things they do, school and many other things. The amount of stress that a teenager is dealing with will impact the breakouts that they experience. It is important to try to limit the stress to help keep acne under control.  The more pimples that a teenager gets, the more stress they will feel. It can be a problem that will just snowball.

Some people claim that teenagers will eventually grow out of the stage where pimples form. However, adults are susceptible to breakouts as well.  It might not be as common as it is with teenagers, but it can still happen and when it does it should be treated the same way as during the teenage years.

There is one factor that definitely has an impact on how many pimples an individual will deal with. Heredity plays a large role in the susceptibility of an individual for breakouts. The genes that are passed on from your parents will play a role in the amount of breakouts that you have. Unfortunately, you cannot choose your parents, but knowing the family history can help you take steps to prevent breakouts that might occur. If you know your family has a history of acne, you can take some steps to give you the best chance to limit your breakouts.

Pimples do not have to be something that you have to live with and accept. There are plenty of products that are sold that can help prevent breakouts and that can help treat them after they occur. As researchers are able to better determine what causes pimples, the products will continue to improve and teenagers will be able to look in the mirror and smile a little easier.

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