Nodular Acne Explained

We know that you have come here to learn about Nodular Acne. However, to fully understand it, it is important to know about acne in general.

So bear with us for a second and read this first part. If you are a little impatient you can skip to the information on nodular acne below, but the more knowledge you have the better you will be able to treat your acne issue.

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Nodular Acne – You are Not Alone

Acne is one of those skin conditions that can have physical effects, damage one’s health, and/or have psychological effects on the people that suffer from it. Depending on where the acne may arise, it can be a difficult skin disorder to deal with. This is especially true for teenagers, the primary age group that is affected by acne.

Although acne can continue on into the later years of adulthood, the onset of acne and the physical and emotional stresses it can cause, can put a large burden on and already emotional time in one’s life. Emotional problems and can quite easily collate with a feeling of shyness and hurt when talking about the issue.

Let it be said. You are not alone. Acne had been a issue for teenagers, and adults alike, for generations. There are steps you can take and treatment plans you can follow to cure your acne problems. Keep on reading. Help is on the way.

nodular acne
Nodulocystic Acne

It is very important to understand three fundamentals 1) the reasons why acne occurs; 2) seek out all of the invaluable medical advice and treatment options that are available; and 3) seek out alternative remedies and therapies that you may not be able to find in the traditional medical field, or at your local clinic.

Acne 101

Acne is a very common skin condition that will affect the majority of people at some point in their lives. It causes spots and skin imperfections on the face, the neck, the back and occasionally elsewhere about the body. One of the main reasons acne appears is with the sudden change in hormone levels that are associated with the puberty phase in both girls and boys.

The skin of the human body contains billions of glands. During puberty, the body starts to produce an oily, bodily substance, called sebum, in excessive amounts. If the pores on the skin become blocked, either with dirt or dead skin cells, the excess sebum can build up behind that blockage. This, in turn, causes blemishes on the skin’s surface. A build  often becomes infected with the naturally occurring bacteria on the skin, which causes pustules on the surface of the skin, what are commonly referred to as zits, pimples, or spots.

Acne is also known to be an hereditary condition that may be passed on to family members. If your parents both suffered from bouts of acne, then you are more likely to suffer from the same skin condition as them, if you do nothing about it.

There are other ways that people become susceptible to acne. For example, pregnant women, where there are huge changes in hormone levels and the body once again produces an overabundance of sebum fluid, causing acne. It is often inferred that a poor diet can be a cause for acne. However, this is just a myth that has no grounds in medical evidence for being true.

The Types of Acne

There are many types of acne that people suffer from, ranging from mild acne, such as whiteheads to recalcitrant acne, all the way to the more severe forms of skin conditions such as nodulocystic acne, which we are getting to.

One of the mildest of forms of acne are simple blackheads where the pores in the skin are only partially blocked. The sebum oil is allowed to drained out of the skin, but very slowly. This blockage, typically of dead skin cells, forms a tiny area of darker pigmented skin. The slowly draining oil is also oxidized leading to a blackhead to form. Blackhead acne can last for a lengthy period of time, but usually clears up with little or completely no scarring or skin damage after the blackhead is gone.

Another type of mild acne are whiteheads. This type of skin condition is the result of a skin pore being completely blocked and unable to drain of the sebum oils that are being produced. The full blockage does not allow oxidation to occur, and a small white spot appears on the skin surface as the oil becomes infected by skin bacteria. These are what are commonly referred to as regular zits.

It is often advised that these zits or spots be left to pop on their own accord. Popping zits, though very satisfying to some, can cause unwanted scarring or damage to the skin. Since whiteheads often have a shorter life cycle than their blackhead cousins, they will eventually clear up.

One of the more noticeable forms of acne still in the mild to medium range for sufferers are papules. This type of acne is similar to a whitehead in that there are pustules under the skin that are infected. However, there is no whitehead or blackhead and they appear deeper under the skin.

Similar to whiteheads, it is recommended that you do not burst or pop this type of skin condition because there are even greater risks of scarring and damage to the skin. There are many things you can do about this type of acne, and medication and specialized cleaning products are often utilized to take care of this specific type of mild to medium form of acne.

Nodular Acne – Here You Go

Nodular acne is one of the more severe forms of acne that can be more painful and comes with other symptoms that are not so easy to overcome. This form of acne can come in the form of large, painful acne spots and often last for a period of months rather than a few days or a week.

Nodular Acne
Nodular Acne

Large and often hard bumps are found under the skin with nodular acne. It is recommended that you never attempt to burst or squeeze this kind of acne as they have the ability to severely scar the skin and cause further suffering from outbreaks in the future that can reoccur over and over again.



Treatment for nodular acne in adults

It is important to seek medical advice with such forms of acne, and your local healthcare representative will be able to go through all of the steps involved in dealing with nodular acne. Treatment for nodular acne may include specialty face creams and scrubs designed to stave off further infections.

It may also involve injecting the infected nodules with cortisone to reduce the infection and swelling to a manageable degree. This also aids recovery and stops further outbreaks in the future.

Recalcitrant nodular acne is another form of sever acne that is often difficult to treat. This form of acne, also called cystic acne, actually forms cysts on your skin. This type of acne does not respond to typical acne treatments, either oral or topical. Your doctor who can go through the entire treatment process with you. This type of acne will not simply go away.

With the availability of many types of face scrubs, specialty medical treatments, such as anti-inflammation injections, and tablets that can help with infections and inflammation, you will be able to undertake an entire course of treatment that will help combat your acne problem and make sure that you are best protected from future outbreaks.

When seeking medical advice, you can often find nodular acne pictures as well as information provided by other people who have undergone the treatment to prepare yourself to see what kind of results can be achieved and expected. It is always a wise choice to consult your doctor or a dermatologist as to what expectations you have and how to go about treatment.

So with a better understanding about what causes your acne outbreaks, as well as all of the information available from specialty doctors and dermatologists that have all of the answers you are looking for, it is best to seek the correct medical treatment and course of action that your particular type of acne may benefit from. From choosing the right medicines to skin care products, it is best to get an entire range of products and treatments that can help you in your quest for clean and clear skin that will stave off acne and other minor skin conditions in the future.