What are Blackheads?

When it comes to skincare and looking after your skin in the most effective and healthy way, there are many forms of treatments and remedies on the market that can help.

Many people tend to consult a doctor or dermatologist when it comes to the more severe or troublesome skin disorders such as advanced cystic acne. The mild and easier to manage types of acne and skin conditions, such as whiteheads and blackheads, can be dealt with at home. Products purchased at a pharmacy or online can be used as well as home-made remedies that can sometime be made from items that you may already have in the home.

So what are blackheads? Blackheads are the bane of most people’s skin care. They seem to crop up anywhere on the face, as well as other parts of the body such as the neck, shoulders and other areas where the skin can be found to be oily and not so dry. They are very similar to whiteheads, or what are widely known as regular zits or spots. They appear when a pore in the skin surface is partially blocked, usually by some kind of material or dirt that has gotten onto the skin. The blockage causes a build up of the oily substance known as sebum that naturally occurs in the body, but is produced excessively during many periods throughout life. Since the blockage is only partial, oxygen is able to get into the pore and oxidizes some of the sebum and the surrounding skin pigment to create a black spot. That is a blackhead.

Best products to get rid of blackheads on nose


Many people chose to take care of their skin on their own. With the advances in acne treatments and their relatively cheap costs, dealing with blackheads can be a fairly simple task. There are many products out there that you can use regularly to rid yourself of this annoying skin condition without harm or scarring. The key is to unblock the pore so that the blackhead will clear up and your skin can continue to function normally.

If left to naturally run its course, a blackhead could last from a few days, to a week, to possibly more depending on the size, location and severity of infection the skin has encountered. With most blackheads clearing up within a week, people usually choose to remove them themselves with the help of specialty products that are available on the market. These products can clean and disinfect the skin, and typically offer tools for blackhead removal in a non-damaging way, which allow the user to remove the blackhead safely and without scarring afterwards. It is often important to disinfect the area of skin with specialty wipes, or by employing facial scrubs which contain anti-infection salts and other creams that aid healing and stave off further blackheads in the future.

Where do Blackheads Occur and What to do About Them?

Many people tend to get blackheads in certain areas of their body or face where the oily glands are most active. The more active an oil gland is, the more likely that you are to get blackheads. The levels of oil secretion can depend on the person’s natural level of oil in their skin. In the majority of people, blackheads tend to show on the face, particularly in certain areas such as the forehead, around the nose, and the chin.

What are blackheads? These are blackheads

For people who suffer from the appearance of blackheads on face and facial features and black heads on nose areas, there are a number of specialty face scrubs that contain a gentle abrasives, such as natural salts and vitamins. These abrasives gently remove the blackheads and open up the pores of the skin to allow the pores to naturally secrete oils without an issue. There are also specialty face towels you can buy that are slightly rougher than normal, but which aid to clean the skins pores in the same way as the facial scrubs offer.

Following up the scrubbing with special oils that are designed to fight off bacteria that can infect pores, you can revitalize your skin to its natural shine. This will keep you skin from drying out, which is not idea. You want to be able to remove the blackheads, the bad bacteria, and the excessive oil without damaging your skin. The application of these special oils will keep the skin nice and healthy.

So we hope that we have help answer the question: What are blackheads? Now that you have a better idea of what you are dealing with, you will be able to tackle the often daunting task of dealing with acne blackheads with more confidence and success. Good luck.