What Hormone Causes Acne

The teenagers of today are facing a multitude of problems. It does not seem like the education system is providing them with the things they need to be successful as adults, the breakups of families is considered to be detrimental to the behavior of teenagers and the damage that adults are causing to the planet will affect their future, but if you ask them what their biggest problem is the answer might surprise you.  

It is the same thing that has made teenagers worry for years and it is the thought of having an acne breakout at the wrong time.

There may be some adults who deal with acne, but it is usually considered a rite of passage for teenagers. The maturation process of the body is partly responsible for the breakouts and it would help many teenagers to understand what hormone causes acne, or what causes acne in general, if they want to be able to deal with it.

Raging Hormones of Teenage Years

Hormones Causes Acne

As kids get into their teenage years they start to experience the wonder of puberty. It is a time when their bodies are changing drastically, and it is not an easy time to go through. While some adults might say they want to be able to relive their teenage years it is usually because they have managed to block out all of the bad things that they had to deal with including the acne breakouts.

Hormones are responsible for the growth of the oil glands in the skin. These are not developed in young children and are part of the release of hormones that occurs during puberty.  Once the oil glands are formed, an individual will then become susceptible to acne.  While men and women do have different levels of the various hormones in their bodies, they do share many of the same hormones.  There will also be other times in people’s lives when they have surges in the hormone levels. When a woman is pregnant or when they are going through menopause, the levels of hormones in their body will change. There are also some people who inject steroids into their body with the hope that it will help improve their body.  All of these things can affect the level of hormones in a person’s body.

Specific Hormones That Have an Impact

The specific hormones that cause acne are androgens.  Androgens include hormones such as testosterone and DHEA-S. Most people think of testosterone as a male hormone, but it is present in women as well. The level in women is much lower than it is in men, usually around 10% of the level in men. These hormones can cause oil to build up and when the pores become clogged, the bacteria will build up and the pimples will start to appear.

So if people know what hormone causes acne, what can they do about it. The production of hormones in your body is not something that an individual can control. It is a natural process and each individual will be a little different. While the way your body produces these hormones is not completely within your control there are some things that can be done to help.

Foods that balance hormones Acne

Controlling the Hormones

Instead of concentrating on what hormone causes acne, it might be a better idea to think about how you can control the hormonal balance in your body. Many of the health problems that people face, including acne, are caused by hormonal imbalances in the body.  During a women’s menstrual cycle the imbalance of hormones that is created can cause psychological issues, like mood swings.  There are ways that people can deal with these imbalances both naturally and with the help of medicine.

The first and best way to control hormones is through a proper diet. There are some foods that can help control the hormones in the body. A diet that is full of lean proteins, high in vegetables and includes whole grains is one way to keep your hormonal levels balanced.  There are also foods that need to be avoided such as processed foods and those that are high in refined sugars. Other ways to improve your hormonal balance naturally include exercise and the use of vitamins and supplements. All of these things will help keep your body healthy and allow it to deal better with hormone imbalances.

Some people will not be able to control the hormones that cause acne using diet and exercise. If that is the case it is time to see a medical professional. A doctor can get blood tests that accurately tell them what the levels of the different hormones are in your body.This allow them to come up with a plan that includes hormone supplements to overcome the deficiencies in the body.

It does not really matter how you are able to control the hormonal balance of the body. If you are able to keep your hormones in balance, your body will be healthier overall. When your body is healthier you will be less likely to have acne breakouts.  When you follow a healthy diet, get exercise, drink lot of water to flush toxins, and keep your body working the way it is designed you will be less susceptible to breakouts.  You will also have less stress in your life. The healthy diet also means avoiding many of the foods that could upset your body and the hormonal balance that it needs.

Some people add more testosterone to their body to help them build muscles. One of the side effects is potential acne breakouts.  Instead of working to attain a proper balance of hormones, they are actually perpetuating the imbalance and that puts their body at risk for not only acne, but other health problems as well.

Instead of worry about what hormone causes acne it is better to consider what you have to do to keep the hormones in your body under control.  The idea is to follow a proper diet, get regular exercise and make sure that you get the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that your body needs to stay healthy.  If you can do this and if you check with a health professional on a regular basis, you will be able to keep your hormones in balance and will be less likely to have acne breakouts.