Little Otter’s Mission and Vision

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Little Otter is on a mission to improve access to the gold standard of pediatric mental health care and to reduce the stigma attached to seeking mental health services.

With the recent $22M in series A funding, Little Otter is now poised to scale its personalized pediatric mental health platform and bring innovative care to more families worldwide.

This article will explain Little Otter’s mission and vision and how the recent funding will help further their cause.

Background of Little Otter

Little Otter is a health and wellness technology startup that recently raised $22 million to grow its personalized pediatric mental health platform. Founded in 2018, Little Otter’s mission is to increase access to and reduce the cost of evidence-based mental health care for children, adolescents, and young adults. The company utilizes technologies such as AI-driven storytelling tools, human psychologists, video conferencing, and voice-enabled coaching solutions to create personalized treatment plans tailored for each child. At its core, Little Otter believes in providing children the best possible mental health care using innovative strategies made possible by technological advances.

Little Otter’s vision involves revolutionizing the way mental health services are provided. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, they are aiming to break down the traditional barriers of receiving mental health assistance — centralizing access points, reducing appointment wait times, breaking down complicated legal protocols, and decreasing healthcare costs while increasing quality of care — enabling more children to get well equipped with necessary resources. The company’s founders believe that it is their responsibility to ensure equitable mental health care for everyone.

Overview of Little Otter’s mission and vision

Little Otter is an innovative company focused on improving the mental health outcomes of pediatric patients through personalized, evidence-based therapy. Their platform combines the expertise of leading child and adolescent Psychiatry, Psychology and Pediatric Primary Care providers with state-of-the-art AI technology to deliver results for their customers. The company recently raised $22M in a Series A, to expand its services across the US.

Little Otter seeks to become the most trusted source of healthcare for pediatric mental health challenges. They aim to provide reliable, quality care in a welcoming and comforting environment for children, using innovative approaches such as psychotherapy, teletherapy and screener assessments. Additionally, Little Otter’s emphasis on continuous quality improvement sets them apart from other providers; their approach ensures their clients feel safe and secure while going through their mental health journey.

Moving forward, Little Otter plans to invest further into its technology platform with initiatives targeting ease of use and scalability – delivering the world’s best virtual pediatric mental health care to children around the country while emphasizing access to quality care at all times regardless of geographic boundaries or insurance restrictions.

Little Otter’s Mission

Little Otter is on a mission to revolutionize how mental health is accessed and practiced in pediatric care. Founded by a team of experts and parents, Little Otter’s goal is to create an inclusive, innovative, and personalized platform that provides access to mental health services at an affordable price.

By raising $22 million, Little Otter is moving closer to achieving their mission of providing every child with quality, personalized mental health care.

To create a personalized pediatric mental health platform

Little Otter is a teletherapy startup and social enterprise dedicated to transforming mental healthcare delivery for needy children. We are committed to providing personal, compassionate, high-quality therapy services regardless of location or social circumstance. Our mission is to create an innovative and personalized digital pediatric mental health platform that gives all families access to the highest quality care.

We provide convenient, real-time access to care through video conferencing, so children can have tailored therapy services that fit into their lives and allow them the flexibility they need to reach their goals. Our experienced network of doctors, therapists, and psychiatrists delivers comprehensive mental care that addresses a child’s needs. The Little Otter platform provides comprehensive assessments to gain insight into a child’s mental health diagnosis by connecting them with licensed professionals familiar with the unique physical, social and psychological development of children, shaping how we create our treatment plans. We understand that visits can occur inside or outside the home. Hence, our therapists can work within whatever environment each child needs to ensure a successful outcome for their treatment plan.

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We strive to provide exceptional customer service from booking through billing so that parents can make informed decisions about the best treatment for their children’s needs while understanding the varying levels of insurance coverage to deliver affordable care to those who need it most. Since launching over two years ago, Little Otter has raised $22M in venture capital funding with investors across many industries ranging from healthcare technology venture capital funds to consumer tech firms seeking innovation within healthcare delivery models. With this funding secured, we are excited about expanding on our mission by scaling our digital pediatric mental health platform nationally – bringing affordable care closer than ever before while having an even greater impact on young lives nationwide!

To provide meaningful access to mental health services

Little Otter is on a mission to provide meaningful access to mental health services for the children who need it most. Born from the belief that everyone should have access to quality mental health care – any time, anywhere – Little Otter is reimagining how families experience pediatric mental health care.

Little Otter is building an innovative integrated, personalized, and convenient model of pediatric care encompassing technology and clinical expertise. The model includes several components:

  • An online platform that enables providers and families to connect.
  • An automated platform for sharing necessary information.
  • In-person visits enabled by telemedicine.
  • Home visits.
  • On-demand virtual providers tailored to the specific needs of each child.

Utilizing this new model of integrated pediatric care, Little Otter aims to:

  • Improve user experience by providing faster access and increased convenience
  • Establish more comprehensive care through comprehensive screenings and streamlined diagnostic assessment results management
  • Broaden access through provider network expansion into new markets with diversification of network configurations and product offerings
  • Reduce costs through efficiencies gained by digital technologies designed to increase efficiency while maintaining quality outcomes.

To make this vision a reality, Little Otter recently raised $22M in a Series A funding round announced in March 2021. This funding will help accelerate the growth of their platform, enabling them to expand their services nationwide via their unique clinic-agnostic approach that works with existing healthcare networks and independent organizations.

This added financial support will also provide them with additional resources to launch new product offerings like its automated cognitive behavioral therapy program for children aged 8–12 called ‘Little Otter Studio’ and its family wellness hub for families wanting extra guidance around parenting issues. Further investments are planned over 2021 as they seek to continually drive innovation in pediatric healthcare technology solutions.

To deliver evidence-based care to children and families

Little Otter is on a mission to provide evidence-based and personalized care to children and families, both virtually and in person. The company is dedicated to creating a transparent and world-class patient experience using evidence-self-serve resources, mobile technology, and cross disciplinary methods.

The Little Otter team is made up of experienced professionals from across healthcare that have worked together for two decades with the common goal to build an integrated model of pediatric mental health that creates meaningful results for children and their families.

After raising $22 million in May 2020, Little Otter will be able to further invest in R&D, expand their technology and artificial intelligence capabilities, hire clinical coaches who are passionate about caring for children’s mental health needs, create an ecosystem for discovery learning powered by machine learning algorithms and focus on improving quality care outcomes.

Furthermore, Little Otter’s vision is rooted in preventive medicine focusing on proactive lifestyle strategies such as nutrition advice with individualized meal plans to help manage physical activity levels while supporting the whole family’s emotional well being. This includes increased access to tele university visits; training support staff via autonomous teams; building out a digital library network of experts collaborating remotely on academic papers; and the continued development of intuitive digital tools built specifically to meet the unique needs of each child’s unique condition.

In addition, Little Otter also provides virtual support groups where parents can connect with professionals regarding their child’s emotional health concerns without having to overcome logistical barriers associated with traditional therapy appointments or lack thereof due to geographic constraints. Furthermore, its platform offers education materials designed by leading experts which help guide parents through different stages of parenting or parenthood when faced with challenging mental health issues faced by young ones in their care.

Little Otter’s Vision

Little Otter is a personalized pediatric mental health platform on a mission to redefine mental healthcare for children and teens.

Recently, Little Otter raised $22M to scale its personalized pediatric mental health platform.

Their vision for the future is clear – to create a world where children’s mental health is prioritized and access to it is universal.

They strive to provide families with the best approach to mental health care possible.

To create a world where every child has access to quality mental health care

At Little Otter, we aim to create a world where every child can access quality mental health care. Our vision is to become the global leader in children’s mental health through our personalized platform network that connects parents, children and providers in a safe and secure environment.

The most recent fundraising round of $22M ensures we can continue to scale our platform, providing access to quality mental health care for many more children worldwide than ever before. Our core values – personalization, safety, innovation and collaboration – ensure that every child can receive care tailored to their needs. We believe no two children should be treated the same and everyone has the potential for growth with the right treatment and support.

We are committed to providing personalized care with immediate impact and long-term recovery through evidence-based care modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) , Interpersonal Therapy (IPT) and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). Our therapies are supported by an integrated group of healthcare professionals including clinicians, licensed therapists , psychiatrists, school counselors and nurse practitioners .

As we strive towards our vision of creating a world with universal access to quality mental health care for every child, we commit ourselves to innovation in technology and compassion for patients’ individualized journeys.

To create a platform that is easily accessible and affordable

At Little Otter, our mission is to provide personalized, accessible and affordable pediatric mental health services that help children and their families to thrive. With the recent raise of $22M in Series A funding, Little Otter is well equipped to expand its platform to reach more children who need care. Our vision is that every family will have access to the right mental health resources they need when they are in times of difficulty.

Little Otter’s platform supports families through the difficult process of understanding their child’s mental health needs. We offer personalized psychological assessments, consultations, counseling and other evidenced-based treatment modalities for children aged 3-17. Our clinicians and providers come from diverse backgrounds so we can offer evidence-based options for different conditions and issues that a child may face.

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The platform encourages collaboration between parents, caregivers and providers so that an integrated approach can be taken with each child’s unique situation; this creates a more secure foundation for sustained recovery and improvement in a child’s overall wellbeing. Our goal is to create an environment where every family can find successful support over time with comprehensive services from us or their community resources in a way that fits within their budgets while protecting each users’ privacy with state-of-the-art security protocols.

We understand no two children are the same; thus, we do not believe there should be any one-size-fits-all approach to addressing pediatric mental health care needs. Instead, we at Little Otter strive everyday towards revolutionizing how pediatric mental health care services are provided—and we look forward to continuing our work towards providing quality and affordable care given these critical times ahead.

To be a leader in the field of pediatric mental health

At Little Otter, we aim to revolutionize how pediatric mental health services are delivered. We strive to be a leader in the field, delivering exceptional care and support for children and their families.

Our vision is to help bridge the gap between traditional healthcare models and innovative technology, offering personalized, integrated care that helps each child reach their fullest potential. We strive to provide safe, effective, evidence-based treatments combining technology with evidence-based therapies for improved outcomes.

As part of our commitment to easily accessible, high quality care for all children, we have recently closed a $22 million round of venture funding from prominent biotech investors including Artiman Ventures and Harrison Metal Capital. We plan to use this funding to continue our growth in a rapidly advancing pediatric healthcare market by scaling our digital platform across the United States. Our goal is not only to offer more comprehensive coverage but also make our services more affordable thus making mental health services universally accessible.

Little Otter’s dedication to exceptional personalized care will remain at the core of our model as we build on what it means to be a leader in pediatric mental health. We are committed to fueling discoveries within this field through research that emphasizes practical application of evidence-based models while focusing on improving access and quality of care for all children everywhere.

Little Otter raises $22M to scale its personalized pediatric mental health platform

Little Otter, a company that provides personalized pediatric mental health services through its platform, recently secured $22 million in a Series A funding round. With this money, the company will be able to expand its services to more pediatric mental health patients and achieve its mission and vision.

Little Otter, a children’s mental health platform that provides personalized virtual health and education services, has raised $22 million in a Series B funding round to scale its work and grow its presence. The funding was led by WestCap Group, with participation from Array Ventures, Lumira Ventures, Wavemaker Three-Sixty Health, and existing investors TCV and Accel.

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The company plans to use the funding to further develop its platform through expanded product offerings, enhanced real-time teaching programs, and companion apps tailored to the concerns of young patients and their families. Little Otter will also use the money to strengthen its data analytics capabilities, increase the number of doctors in its network of telehealth providers, expand into new markets nationally and internationally, and build out innovative partnerships with schools and families.

Little Otter is one of many tech startups dedicated to serving children’s mental health. Its mission is to provide rapid access for children seeking professional help for mental health issues like anxiety or depression at an affordable price for families. Over 30 clinical psychologists work with Little Otter’s online platform which provides personalized sessions at home without a long waiting list or travel time associated with traditional therapy clinics. The platform also offers educational support in areas such as mindfulness training or peer group counseling which can help enhance school performance while providing emotional support.

How the funding will help Little Otter scale its platform

Little Otter has recently raised $22 million to further develop its platform, making personalized pediatric mental health services more accessible to caregivers and medical professionals. In a survey of nearly 750 pediatricians, Little Otter was identified as providing the most comprehensive and efficient mental health care for children. With this new funding, Little Otter’s mission is to use its technology and clinical expertise to create a platform for more convenient access to mental health services for caregivers and medical professionals.

The influx of capital will enable Little Otter to scale up its impact with several initiatives:

  • Expand access by hiring more healthcare providers, allowing them greater network coverage
  • Provide additional training opportunities
  • Develop digital education materials such as tutorials and videos related to the use of their platform
  • Increase scalability platforms by improving the security infrastructure within each system
  • Streamline delivery by making the technology available on mobile devices
  • Partner with other third party providers who provide complimentary services or expertise

These initiatives will position Little Otter at the forefront of delivering high quality personalized pediatric mental health care without sacrificing its commitment to convenience.

What Little Otter plans to do with the funding

Little Otter, the leading pediatric mental health care provider, has recently closed a Series A funding round totaling $22M. Accel and First Round Capital led the round with additional participation from Upfront Ventures and Origin Ventures. This additional capital will enable Little Otter to increase its team of pediatric mental health professionals, scale its platform offering to meet growing demand, and expand its reach to critical local markets across the United States.

This latest infusion of capital comes soon after Little Otter’s launch of several new features, including virtual boarding to offer care outside the home setting or in patient units where visual observation is essential; an updated medication management system for parents to manage their children’s treatment plans; and access for medical providers to view patient history information through Little Otter’s medical records portal.

With this investment from established venture capital firms, Little Otter is well positioned to reach its goal of bringing greater access and convenience to families whose children suffer from varying levels of mental health issues. Through continued research efforts as well as investment in technology development and talent acquisition, Little Otter is dedicated to transforming mental health treatment delivery one echelon at a time.