Features of Logicbroker’s platform that are beneficial for drop shipping businesses

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Logicbroker, a leading digital supply chain platform, recently closed a $135 million strategic growth funding to enhance its drop shipping capabilities and help global partners become more efficient. Drop shipping is one of the most popular and cost-effective ways to move products from their supplier to the retailer effortlessly. It eliminates several intermediaries, making the entire process more streamlined and efficient.

Logicbroker’s platform provides several features that are beneficial for drop shipping businesses. These include automated inventory synchronization, fraud prevention technology, real-time order communication & tracking, integration with leading eCommerce platforms and warehouses, and automated regulatory compliance tools.

This article will explore these features in greater detail to provide insight into how Logicbroker’s platform can help businesses become more efficient with their drop shipping operations.

Automated Order Management

Logicbroker’s automated order management feature removes the hassle of managing orders for drop shipping businesses.

This feature helps businesses streamline how they receive and fulfill orders, manage their supply chain, and simplify their operations. This can be especially advantageous for businesses looking to scale and expand their operations as it will help reduce manual errors and improve order accuracy.

Automated order processing

Logicbroker’s automated order processing allows drop shipping businesses to expedite and manage orders more efficiently. This feature allows all customer orders placed through Logicbroker, either through an enterprise-level platform or somebody’s Shopify store, to be handled automatically throughout the entire drop shipping process. This automation reduces errors, streamlines processes and eliminates the manual order entry and other repetitive steps commonly associated with traditional workflow processes.

Automated order processing also eliminates manual communication between suppliers, retailers and carriers. This powerful tool can facilitate communication from inquiry to delivery with instant notifications sent out when customer service support is requested or exceptions or delays occur. The ability to automate inventory management is also built into this feature for further efficiency including automated replenishment of items when inventory levels drop below predetermined thresholds. With efficient communication throughout every supply chain step, anyone involved in the drop shipping process can rest assured that their customer service needs are met quickly and effortlessly.

Automated order tracking

Logicbroker’s automated order tracking capabilities are designed to save time and resources for drop shipping businesses. The software is integrated with an extensive list of shopping cart and marketplace partners, allowing it to handle the entire order process from start to finish. This includes retrieving orders from customers, optimizing payment and fulfillment processes, launching products from suppliers’ warehouses, and tracking orders at each step in the journey.

Once orders are placed, Logicbroker’s platform provides timely automated shipment updates that easily integrate with store platforms or suppliers. It ensures that customer experience is maintained by providing accurate and up-to-date information on order status via email or SMS. In addition, Logicbroker allows users to automate backordered items based on rules configured by the company to ensure product availability is maintained at all times.

The platform is equipped with analytics that offer users insight into data such as customer demographics and buying frequency, inventory optimization tactics, pricing points that drive conversions or increase revenue per transaction (RPT). These insights help e-commerce businesses make better decisions on optimizing existing business processes to become more efficient. In addition, Logicbroker simplifies warehouse management by allowing users to manage bulk retail dropshipping using the same interface for both the ordering process and inventory management tasks like return processing. This eliminates operational cost associated with setting up multiple tools for different tasks.

Automated returns processing

The automated returns processing feature on the Logicbroker platform is intended to make life easier for drop shipping businesses pursuing success in today’s crowded e-commerce market. By automating the manual parts of their processes and allowing their systems to become self-sufficient, they improve their efficiency and accuracy and their customers’ experiences.

Returns can be a common obstacle for business owners trying to provide excellent customer service and stay profitable. The automated returns processing feature allows sellers to streamline this process for maximum efficiency and cost savings, eliminating manual data entry errors along with manual tracking of dates to process returns within the applicable return window.

Furthermore, this feature helps simplify vendor relationships: Logicbroker connects all your sales channels directly with each vendor you are drop shipping from. This ensures all complex logic for acceptance of returns is populated correctly effortlessly. In addition, real-time updates and communications can be facilitated between vendors and stores so that sales information is always current despite rapid changes in sales demand and trends.

Last but not least, the automated returns processing feature provides businesses visibility into total refunds or credits due back from vendors while also gaining visibility into dropship shipments coming back through reverse logistics (BSSYN) processes which have impacts on both inventory balance counts as well as finance reconciliation facets of any order based business operation. Overall, Logicbroker’s automated returns processing feature facilitates efficiencies across all departments within any drop shipping organization; therefore streamlining commerce operations and ultimately increasing profits!

Comprehensive Data Visibility

Logicbroker’s platform has a comprehensive data visibility feature that benefits drop shipping businesses. This feature allows businesses instant access to all the information they need to manage their drop shipping operations.

With this data, businesses can make more informed decisions about their operations and better manage their inventory.

Let’s get into more detail about what this feature offers.

Real-time inventory updates

Logicbroker’s platform offers real-time inventory updates for drop shipping businesses. This allows retailers to work with accurate, up-to-date data, helping them to ensure that they are never surprised by overstocking or running out of stock.

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Logicbroker also provides deep insights into customer buying behavior to ensure that retailers can use their inventory more efficiently and see all orders across multiple channels and marketplaces in one easy-to-use dashboard.

Moreover, Logicbroker also provides real-time incoming order reporting beyond simple numbers: the software offers valuable information such as SKU, quantity ordered and order total to help retailers maintain efficient operations. By leveraging powerful analytics tools and features, the innovative Logicbroker platform helps retailers understand the core metrics of their business right away and adjust ordering volumes accordingly in a very short time.

Real-time order status updates

Logicbroker’s platform provides real-time order status updates to ensure data visibility, ensure on-time delivery, and eliminate any confusion over product availability. This helps retailers remove the guesswork and minimize the burden of tracking orders by providing a clear view into purchase orders, tracking information and more at any given time.

Real-time order status updates also significantly improve customer satisfaction – drop shipping businesses can more proactively manage their orders since they know exactly where their product is and when it will be delivered. This gives retailers more control over the process, helping them ensure that all customers receive their products on time as promised. As a bonus, end users benefit from better communication about delivery dates, enabling them to plan for packages to arrive when expected.

Having real-time access to order information helps reduce supply chain waste and related costs and improve customer loyalty and engagement with the retailer’s brand. With access to up-to-date information about packages in transit, Logicbroker’s platform supports a seamless delivery experience for customers. It ensures satisfaction with all aspects of their shopping journey from browsing through ordering and fulfillment.

Real-time shipping updates

With Logicbroker’s real-time shipping updates, you can stay informed on the status of all your drop shipping orders. In addition, the tracking integration allows you to view the precise location of each delivered item in real time with one dashboard.

This feature also enables you to view individual orders, returns and shipments and send customized emails to customers notifying them on order progress. This ensures that you always have full visibility over your business’s performance, enabling you to make informed decisions and improve customer satisfaction.

Scalable Platform

Logicbroker’s platform is designed to meet the needs of drop shipping businesses, with features specifically designed to streamline processes and improve efficiency. With scalability and extensibility at its core, the Logicbroker platform can grow with the needs of any drop shipping business, from small to enterprise.

Let’s look at some features that make up this powerful platform.

Seamless integration

Logicbroker’s mission is to provide drop shippers the tools and technology to become more efficient and grow their business. For this reason, Logicbroker has developed a complete suite of software development kits that easily integrate with existing retail systems, making connecting to Logicbroker’s platform straightforward.

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The seamless integration between Logicbroker and its retail partners provides faster onboarding, support for various data formats, immediate issue resolution, and more. This allows businesses to quickly access the platform’s many features that streamline the drop shipping process.

Additionally, by enhancing its software development kits (SDK), Logicbroker can offer highly customizable solutions that perfectly fit each business’ needs while still being flexible enough to handle frequent changes in an ever-evolving marketplace. The SDKs can be deployed at scale using microservices architecture allowing developers to enhance performance with minimal effort. This allows users to automate product data mapping without writing custom code or working with costly consultants.

Ultimately, by integrating with existing frameworks and providing instantly deployable solutions via its microservices architecture; Logicbroker seeks to create an agile drop shipping ecosystem where you have complete control over your operation from backend systems through logistics execution.

Support for multiple channels

Logicbroker provides an EDI compliant, cloud-based platform that enables drop shippers to communicate with clients, suppliers and other key stakeholders in the supply chain. Its platform offers multiple communication channels, allowing businesses to expand their reach and visibility in today’s increasingly technology-driven world.

Logicbroker offers a cross-channel network that helps manage customer interactions from multiple sources including online marketplaces, emails, POS systems and phone calls. This allows you to integrate new sales channels and switch between them quickly with minimal disruption. The platform supports over 50 channels such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay and many more sites – providing unprecedented access to international markets.

Its system is also API driven, making it easy to exchange data between systems as you grow your business or add new partners or services into the supply chain. APIs are vital for facilitating seamless data exchanges without manual intervention – reducing operational complexity and enabling businesses to easily scale up their operations as needed.

Additionally, Logicbroker provides a suite of analytics tools that enable access to visibility into sales metrics such as inventory levels, conversions rates and total value of orders for more accurate forecasting and improved customer feedback capabilities. This ensures businesses have the right tools to make informed decisions on product flows, pricing strategies or promotional campaigns when trading in multiple distribution channels.

Support for multiple languages

Logicbroker’s modern commerce platform offers multi-language and custom language support. With this feature, businesses can quickly add customized phrases, jokes, and other special elements to enhance customer experience.

Logicbroker allows customers to communicate in various languages easily to provide better understandability for customers across the world. This feature increases sales and serves as a retention tool as customers are more likely to be engaged and remain loyal.

Furthermore, the platform allows businesses to reach diverse customer segments while properly conveying the messaging within their content.

Logicbroker raises $135 million to enhance drop shipping capability

Payment processing is a critical component of any drop shipping business – and Logicbroker is no exception. Logicbroker offers a secure payments processing platform that enables businesses to receive payments quickly and safely. This feature is especially beneficial for drop shipping businesses as they can process payments quickly and securely, ensuring that orders are fulfilled on time.

Let’s look at some other features of Logicbroker’s platform that benefit drop shipping businesses.

Automated payment processing

Logicbroker simplifies the payment processing for drop shipping businesses by automating payments and invoice reconciliation directly from their platform. This easy-to-use and integrated payment platform enables businesses to accept payments from B2C and B2B customers quickly and securely. Furthermore, Logicbroker allows recurring payments that automate periodic billing for customers who purchase from the same retailers repeatedly, saving time and alleviating manual efforts.

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Using Logicbroker’s automated payment processing, businesses can also benefit from built-in fraud protection. The platform can detect fraudulent transactions through machine learning algorithms before committing to a sale, protecting the business’ bottom line. In addition, the AI-powered capabilities of Logicbroker not only help protect payments and ensure timely delivery of goods to customers with real-time order updates throughout the transaction process.

Moreover, with Logicbroker’s automated payment processing businesses can save money due to reduced transaction fees associated with manual credit card payments and automatic invoice reconciliation processes that save significant time while streamlining operations. With all these features that aim to make running a drop shipping business easier, it’s no wonder Logicbroker has recently raised $135 million to enhance its drop shipping capability further!

Automated payment reconciliation

Logicbroker enables drop-shipping business owners to streamline their payment processing with automated payment reconciliation. This ensures that all financial transactions are accurately logged and recorded, lowering transaction costs.

With Logicbroker’s automated reconciliation feature, customers can easily identify discrepancies and make corrections soon after they happen without needing long tedious manual processes.

In addition, Logicbroker’s platform allows businesses to regulate what payment methods are accepted and when they will be processed. This keeps companies abreast of the status of their payments, eliminating confusion and costly mistakes.

Furthermore, businesses can use this feature for creating profit margins by being able to run analysis on both discounts received from vendors and successful collections from customers in real-time.

With Logicbroker’s automation features at your disposal, it is easy to keep track of incoming payments and manage them efficiently.

Automated invoice management

Logicbroker’s platform offers automated invoice management to simplify dealing with clients and vendors. This feature enables users to easily create and manage invoices, based on real-time information. It supports different payment options and automatically processes invoice payments quickly and securely. In addition, with automated invoice management, Logicbroker makes it easy for users to track all activites from one centralized system, ensuring faster responses to drop shipping queries.

Logicbroker has developed extensive tools for improving their payment processing capabilities. These tools allow users to set up multiple payment methods, set approval rules and limits, customize payment details such as due dates and automated reminders, evaluate pending orders in a single view, and generate detailed reports on each payment transaction. All these features help save time while enhancing efficiency at the same time.

Most importantly, this platform’s comprehensive integration capabilities ensure that the streamlined invoice management is even more effective when combined with other aspects of the user’s drop shipping operations such as order processing and monitoring inventory levels. Thereby enabling businesses to optimize their overall performance in managing eCommerce activities through improved digital controls.


Overall, through Logicbroker’s platform, drop shipping businesses can benefit from increased visibility into inventory and demand forecasting, streamlined integrations with carriers, improved order execution time and accuracy, enhanced data actionability to discover insights and capitalize on opportunities quickly, and automated synchronization of processes. Ultimately, the platform allows drop shipping businesses to maximize efficiency while addressing customer experience needs.

The latest $135 million funding will further help deepen Logicbroker’s existing capabilities to support drop shipping businesses.