What are Whiteheads?

With the majority of people suffering from at least one form of skin condition at some point in their lives, the most widespread type of acne is the mild form of acne vulgaris commonly called “whiteheads”. Whiteheads are what the majority of people refer to as zits or spots. But what are they? What are whiteheads? They are a mild skin condition that comes from a blocked pore on the skin. Sebum, an oil that is naturally produced and secreted through the skin is blocked and collects under the skin. Bacteria on the skin cause an infection within the blockage and a small reddish area with a small whitish bump just under the top layer of skin is created. Hence a “whitehead”.

This small bump of infected skin oil is a way for the skin to contain and push out the infection naturally and make sure that all of the infection is removed from the body in a natural way. This is known as the whitehead pimple. The surface of the zit, spot or whitehead is slowly stretched, allowing for the zit to burst and the removal of the infected oil is released leaving a small mark behind where the skin can close and heal itself without scarring or further infection. This process is natural and is the body’s own way of dealing with blockages and infections.

WhiteheadsThe majority of whiteheads and other mild forms of acne such as blackheads, as well as more severe forms which people can suffer from, tend to arrive during puberty. During puberty, the body tends to produce large and sometimes excessive amounts of sebum, which as many people know causes oily skin during puberty. This process can continue well into the later teenage years and into adulthood, with most people starting to see a significant drop in the occurrence of oily skin at around the age of 25.

Creams, Face Scrubs, and Lotions

There are many ways that you can combat whitehead acne. One of the most popular ways is to purchase the many varieties of special skin creams that are designed to combat acne. These creams can be purchased at your local pharmacy or, in many cases, online. They are specifically designed to aid in the healing of existing acne and, perhaps more importantly, aid in the prevention of whiteheads and other types of acne that you may suffer from. Containing many vitamins and nutrients that are good for the skin they can be a great addition to a skincare regimen that includes washing the face with warm water and mild soap. You may find that, in the milder cases of whiteheads, this may be all you need to stave off the oily skin that causes these types of zits or spots.

Removing WhiteheadsThere are other products on the market, like special face scrubs, and you will find that by taking a more pro-active approach to skincare with these products, you will notice marked improvement in your skin. You will have cleaner and clearer skin with reduced sebum and open pores. Facial scrubs contain a gentle abrasive element, such as natural salts and vitamins, that are small enough to help unblock your pores. Using these scrubs no more than twice daily will definitely help with the removal of blockages and excessive oil that can build up on the face over a single day.

Many hand lotions are available that can be a great addition to an entire cleaning and cleansing regimen such as acne treatments packs, which contain special gentle abrasive soaps, facial scrubs, and general body washes. These packs can also include face towels that are impregnated with anti-infection vitamins and minerals. The various products are designed to work together to give your face a great clean and revitalise your skin with all the necessary vitamins, nutrients and minerals that it needs to maintain a healthy, oil-free, and natural glow.

Stop! Don’t Pop That Zit!

When wanting to remove whiteheads and other zits and spots, it is often recommended that you do not pop or burst them, as it may cause further skin irritation and potential scarring afterwards. As tempting and as satisfying as it may be, if left to heal on their own, you may find that the area of skin that has suffered from a zit may be less prone to further infection in the near future. In addition, the body’s own natural way of removing zits and spots is possibly the best option when it comes to reducing scarring of the skin afterwards.

The Healing Process

The healing process for whiteheads isn’t all that long, with many zits and spots able to naturally burst, close and heal in a matter of days, with around 5 days being the average time it takes to fully heal from a zit, sometimes popping and bursting them yourself will cause further infection and problems with scarring afterwards than you first realised. As with any type of infection, and although a whitehead zit or spot is a rather small example of an infection, it is always very important to make sure the area is clean and kept dry at all times to avoid further infection or irritation which can cause further distress, and make the healing process take much longer.

So with the relative ease by the use of a large number of skincare products on the market, you can be sure to find a simple and effective way of lowering your chances of suffering from whiteheads, zits and spots as well as other forms of acne with a more pro-active approach to your skincare. By making sure you wash your face daily with a gentle soap, and making good use of the skincare products specifically designed for whiteheads and zits such as facial scrubs with gentle abrasive salts, as well as anti-infection creams, managing your whiteheads and acne can be a simple task that gives you the clearest and cleanest skin you’ve encountered for years.