Valar Ventures is leading the $75M investment

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Valar Ventures is proud to announce a $75M Series B financing round for ShopUp, a leading provider of digital commerce enablers in emerging markets. The funding brings the total raised by ShopUp to over $90M.

Valar Ventures, a leading venture capital firm, is leading this investment round. Existing investors and new investors will join them.

This financing round will help ShopUp to expand its operations, develop new products and services, and better capitalize on the emerging digital commerce opportunities in different markets.

Overview of Valar Ventures

Valar Ventures is a venture capital firm based in San Francisco that invests in early Seed and Series A rounds. Founded in 2014 by Peter Thiel and James Fitzgerald, the firm supports entrepreneurial teams to achieve their goals by offering more than just capital. Valar Ventures mainly works with technology startups in the financial services, energy, and healthcare industries.

Valar Ventures has close ties to PayPal founder and startup investor Peter Thiel’s other companies and investments including Founders Fund, Mithril Capital Management, The Paypal Mafia, Clarium Capital Management, Mithril Capital Management LLC and Valar Holdings Inc.. In addition, the team at Valar Ventures has experience ranging from Silicon Valley tech giants such as Google to top venture capital firms like Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

The firm attracted significant interest following its $75M investment of ShopUp – an emerging financial products marketplace targeted at small-to-medium businesses. This investment represented one of the largest financing rounds of a Bangladesh-headquartered company. ShopUp developed a capital allocation platform that allows end customers to access fixed rate loans with relatively low interest rates – allowing them to increase spending capacity while they go through business cycles.

Through investments like this, Valar Ventures demonstrates its commitment to providing entrepreneurs with the tools needed to succeed – including financial resources and mentorship for long-term success for all its portfolio companies.

Overview of ShopUp

ShopUp is a leading e-commerce platform in Bangladesh, connecting over 750,000 businesses with shoppers nationwide. ShopUp currently enables over 40 million transactions yearly, accelerating the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) by providing access to powerful selling tools and digital payments with access to high-quality products.

Valar Ventures has led a $75 million Series B financing of ShopUp. With this new investment round, ShopUp plans to expand its platform’s reach and impact beyond Bangladesh, revolutionizing e-commerce access in other emerging countries where small businesses have limited access to international markets.

ShopUp’s technology platform helps sellers overcome common e-commerce pain points around creating listings, managing inventory, and processing payments while providing shoppers with a wide selection of products from local merchants at fair prices. The platform also unlocks economic opportunity for underserved communities by removing barriers that damage SME online discovery and sales process. By eliminating transaction costs for merchants through targeted digital marketing strategies, ShopUP aims to enable small businesses in underdeveloped countries to succeed online and compete internationally.

Valar Ventures Leads $75M Series B Financing of ShopUp

Valar Ventures has led a major investment of around $75M Series B Financing in ShopUp. This is a major landmark for Valar Ventures in the eCommerce space, as they have invested in one of the leading eCommerce startups in Bangladesh.

The new funding will help ShopUp reach new heights and expand its presence in markets worldwide.

Let’s learn more about the Series B Financing of ShopUp and why Valar Ventures is leading the investment.

Valar Ventures’ Investment Strategy

Valar Ventures, a global venture capital firm with offices in Silicon Valley, New York and London, has announced the leading of a $75 million Series B financing round for ShopUp. ShopUp democratizes starting an e-commerce business, offering access to a low-cost or free platform that makes it easy for entrepreneurs to reach customers worldwide. This investment will be used for R&D, customer acquisition, and strategic partnerships.

Valar Ventures’ strategy is to invest in early-stage companies that have the potential to become category leaders with global scale, particularly those focused on business areas adjacent to existing investments in fintech and data markets. In this case, Valar is investing in an ecommerce platform which has the potential to revolutionize small business via enabling new players by providing opportunities with lower costs and allowing them to become market leader faster than ever before.

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Furthermore, this investment will accelerate ShopUp’s ambition of being a one-stop shop solution that empowers entrepreneurs by giving them access to rewards such as credibility and credibility through partnerships and helping existing merchants/businesses push their growth goals.

ShopUp’s Plans for the Investment

ShopUp, the all-in-one e-commerce platform for emerging markets, has announced plans for its recently closed $75M Series B financing round. The investment was led by Valar Ventures and will be used to expand ShopUp’s platform and services across Bangladesh, Nigeria, and other parts of Africa. The funding will also support an expansion into new product categories such as payment solutions and data analytics.

The new capital will allow ShopUp to leverage its fast scaling platform to seize the opportunity in financial services by partnering with mobile wallets, digital lenders, insurance companies, and venture capitalists. This will enable the company to provide financial products such as working capital equipment financing, remittance services, loan refinancing tools to help small businesses better manage their payments and accounts. Additionally, the funding will enable ShopUp to focus on building comprehensive data sets that are used to optimize product recommendations and pricing decisions on e-commerce stores.

The round also brings a valuable addition to the Valar Ventures team: former Amazon executive Dayne Sampson is joining as a Partner in the firm’s Dubai office. Dayne’s insight from over a decade of business development leadership at Amazon spans various retail sectors such as fashion accessories & footwear; automotive & industrial; home goods; entertainment & fitness; grocery & alcohol; beauty brands & tools; consumer electronics; appliances & furniture. This vast experience makes Dayne an invaluable asset who will possess immense knowledge in helping investors develop their portfolio companies within Middle Eastern markets while maintaining strong ties with Shopup’s headquarters in Bangladesh.

Valar Ventures has made several investments in several companies including SEA Group (Indonesia); Gojek (Indonesia); Tokopedia (Indonesia); Nayax (Global) Mamaroo (United States); Syte (Israel); Jumia Technologies AG (Nigeria/UK listed), SnapFin Financial Corporation (UAE), among others across numerous geographies. Having an impressive track record of big investments like this is a testament that more universal successes are possible when two committed parties come together for organic expansion within emerging markets like those in Africa.

Impact of the Investment

Valar Ventures’ recent investment of $75M in ShopUp will significantly impact Bangladesh’s e-commerce landscape. This investment will help the small and medium-sized businesses in Bangladesh to access the global market, while providing them with the resources to grow their businesses. Moreover, the investment will act as a catalyst for the development of the local e-commerce market in the country.

Let’s take a closer look at the implications of this investment.

Impact on the E-commerce Industry

Valar Ventures is leading the $75 million Series B expansion financing for ShopUp, a venture-backed e-commerce platform based in Bangladesh. This significant investment—one of the largest in Bangladesh’s e-commerce market—will further accelerate ShopUp’s growth and boost overall sales.

The influx of new capital will likely shift the landscape of Bangladesh’s e-commerce industry as additional resources are directed towards product innovation, customer acquisition, and market expansion. ShopUp appeals to consumers and small business owners by providing digital marketing tools, inventory management solutions, and payment processing services that drive operational efficiency and cost savings in their respective operations.

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This investment reinforces Valar Ventures’ history of success investing across the digital economy, emphasizing startups that target underserved markets with disruptive technology offerings. Additionally, the company has only ramped up its interest in emerging markets over time, with investments completed in 74 countries worldwide and focused on supporting founders worldwide to develop transformative products.

With this new round from Valar Ventures behind them, it will be interesting to watch how ShopUp leverages this capital to affect Bangladesh’s rapidly growing e-commerce market. In addition, this infusion could entice additional Series B investors who were hesitant to pull the trigger. At the same time, they evaluated that Valar Ventures’ investment would impact stakeholders such as consumers, retailers sellers, delivery agents, payment service providers and others embedded within Bangladesh’s emerging e-commerce ecosystem.

Impact on ShopUp

Valar Ventures has led a Series B financing round of $75 million for ShopUp, a Bangladesh-based e-commerce platform. The financing round was joined by eight other investors, including Global Founders Capital, Quona Capital, Creation Ventures and Underscore VC.

The investment will help power the growth of ShopUp, an online marketplace and e-commerce platform that connects small businesses in Bangladesh to customers globally by offering retail merchants a suite of innovative products. This includes helping them launch their shops on the ShopUp platform. As a result, the company has seen significant growth since its launch in 2017, with over 1 million users in 2020 and over 12,000 active shop owners making up its customer base.

This latest infusion of capital is the largest ever for an e-commerce marketplace in Bangladesh. It is aimed at enhancing ShopUps presence across the domestic market through new product verticals and investing further into its technology infrastructure to make it easier for merchants to launch their platforms. Funds from this financing will also support workforce expansion plans and push forward plans to improve logistics and customer experience.

By leveraging Valar Venture’s expertise and the financial bump from this investment round, ShopUp plans to elevate its position further throughout South Asia’s vast e-commerce sector in 2021 – making it one of the biggest players in the region.

Impact on Valar Ventures

Valar Ventures leading the $75M Series B financing of ShopUp strongly indicates their recognition of the business potential in Bangladesh’s digital transformation. Valar Ventures is a venture capital firm with a team of respected technology and financial experts with deep experience in developing and developed markets focusing primarily on consumer internet companies. With this investment, Valar Ventures will gain a large stake in ShopUp and will be able to provide the company with the necessary resources for rapid expansion and growth.

The investment also opens up possibilities for strategic partnerships between ShopUp and other investors that share Valar Ventures’ vision for Bangladesh’s digital transformation. It can also provide access to sophisticated technologies that can only come from well-established partners such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, PayPal etc. These strategic partnerships could grant ShopUp access to new markets and additional resources to expand its presence in Bangladesh and beyond.

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Valar Ventures’ investment should have a positive economic ripple effect on other businesses within the ecommerce sector as it provides more capital for proliferation of online businesses. This financing round should also help create jobs, increase innovation pipelines and ultimately contribute to aspirations towards digital transformation in Bangladesh which would allow more people access to cheaper phone services and financial products leading to better lives overall while paving way towards greater inclusion within the ecommerce ecosystem.


Valar Ventures’ leading $75M Series B financing of ShopUp has been a great success. This investment has enabled ShopUp to grow and expand its online shopping business.

With this investment, ShopUp has strengthened its management team, improved customer service, and grew its product offering. As a result, the company’s potential is now dazzling, which will surely help the company reach its goal of becoming the leader in the online shopping industry.