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You may have clicked through to this page from my Comedones information and treatment options article. Or you may be just arriving to the site for the first time. The goal of this article it to give you more understanding of Acnease so that  you can be better informed when choosing an acne treatment program.

Danny Gimondo and Acnease

Danny Gimondo, former WWE wrestler Danny Inferno, is an avid user and big fan of Acnease. Not only is Danny a former WWE wrestler, he is a former sufferer of adult male hormonal acne. After 20 year of trying all the more common products and treatments out there (creams, diets, doctor visits, etc.) Danny was introduced to Acnease and suddenly he found his solution. Listen to his story:

After an introduction by a friend, Danny gave Acnease a try and within a few weeks his acne had cleared up. Danny went on to be a big promoter of Acnease. His success with the product inspired him to go public with his former skin problems and try to help others with the same issues.

Here is a talk Danny did with Dr. Agnes Olszewski, the CEO of Herborium Group, makers of Acnease. Although this is really just a promotional gig, it answers a few more questions about Acnease. Dr. Agnes explains how Acnease works, how acne is not just a teenager problem anymore, discusses the ingredients of Acnease, and presents treatment options for different situations.

To better understand the ingredients of Acnease, watch this next video. Dr. Agnes goes through some of the proprietary ingredients that make up Acnease. These ingredients were chosen for two major reasons. There are herbs that are known to for their ability to have an effect on the sebaceous glands that produce sebum, an important factor in controlling acne.  There are also herbs with anti-inflammatory properties. Check it out:

So who is Dr. Agnes Olszewski? She is an American citizen who grew up in Europe. She has earned numerous degrees including and M.A. in Consumer Psychology and a Ph.D from Warsaw University in Poland. She also earned her M.B.A. degree from Fordham University in New York City. Her approach to medicine is a combination of traditional medicine from ancient cultures of Asia, Africa, and South America combined with modern Western medicine techniques.

This led her to found The Herborium Group in 2006, a publicly traded company that specializes in Botanical Therapeutics. Since then, the group has focused on the development of a number of products that address common health concerns including acne, energy levels, and sexual health. The flagship product for The Herborium Group is Acnease.

Acnease is making headway in the United States, but it more known in Europe, especially in France. There are a number of video bloggers that have give acne reviews in which they high promote and recommend Acnease. Unfortunately, their videos are in French. Below I have embedded a couple of these videos for your entertainment and also to show that there are a number of Acnease users that have found success using the product. But first a promotional video directly from Acnease:

French Video Bloggers Promoting Acnease

sandrea26france insta

Sandrea has found great success with Acnease. You don’t need to understand what she is saying. You just have to look at her skin.


I could listen to Coline all day long even though I can’t understand a word she is saying. I love her voice, her hair, and facial gestures. So cute!

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The only place to purchase Acnease is online through their official website. There are different products for  your particular condition and your gender. These include:

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